The Oktoberfest beer challenge

Oktoberfest season begins in September – and with it comes the grand CasinoClub beer challenge! On seven days in a row, your players will be challenged with a mission a day. For each mission they complete, their beer glass will fill up a little more. The fuller it gets, the larger the reward – from free spins and up to €300 cash for a completely full glass! Spread the word and come celebrate the world’s most famous beer event with us at CasinoClub

NEW: €500 cash prize at the roulette & slots challenge

Easy cash to be had at the roulette & slots challenges this month! On two weekends in September, all your players have to do is register for the challenge and play their favorite games for all they’re worth! For both championships, every €1 wager in both slot and roulette games equals one point in the leaderboard – and all Playtech slots or roulette games equal two points! The winner gets rewarded with €500 cash and runners-up get €200, €100 or generous bonus and free spin prizes. Championships are on the 7th & 8th and on the 14th and 15th of the month. Go for it!

Attention car-lovers!

Another luxury CasinoClub event is coming up! On a weekend in October, we’ll be taking lucky winners of our loyalty points race to a grand Porsche event in the German city of Leipzig. Sports car fans will be spectacularly spoiled: from professional training on the race track to an off-road ride – all in a Porsche, of course – to a VIP visit of the production facility and a Porsche exhibition. Including, as always, two nights for two in a first-class hotel and the finest of meals. Have your players register and participate in our loyalty points race from the 19th to the 28th of September for a go at being part of this supreme event.

Free spins on demand!

In September, your players can order free spins on demand! On the 5th, 10th, 21st and 28th, CasinoClub rewards players with free spin packages depending on the amount they deposit. If they deposit up to €30 and wager the amount 10 times in any slot game, we treat them to 25 free spins. If they wager €71 or more and wager accordingly, they get 100 free spins: that’s 100 chances at winning! Let your players decide for themselves between these and other great options: coming up soon!

Win €25,000 – on top of the Eiffel Tower!

Due to high demand, CasinoClub is launching another Masters race in August – and this time, your players can win a ticket directly to the grand finale in Paris! What that means? A luxury weekend in the five-star hotel Marriot Champs-Élysées, fabulous meals and a grand Roulette competition atop France’s world-famous landmark. The winner leaves Paris with €25,000, but there are other generous cash prizes up for grabs, too. Have your players register and collect Master points from August 19th to 28th.

€200 cash prize for champs!

For all slots and roulette fans among your players: here comes the perfect promotion! On the weekend of the slots or roulette challenges respectively, all they need to do is register and play their heart out in an entertaining Playtech variety of their favorite game! If they wager more that weekend than any other competitor, they become the champion of slots or roulette and will be rewarded with €200 cash. The runners-up get €150, €100 or generous bonus and free spin prizes. The top 50 players receive prizes – this is SO worth it!

20 game premieres & triple loyalty points

20 of the finest slots are premiering at CasinoClub in August! Month for month, our gaming experts carefully select new state-of-the-art games to make sure there is never a dull moment for your players! Whenever players feel like trying out something new, at CasinoClub, they have a world of opportunities. In addition to slots, we are also rolling out new varieties of table games, roulette and others. What’s more, can pick up triple loyalty points on premiere day of 20 slots this month – that’s triple the fun!

Exclusive August race

Want to win €10,000? You can, at CasinoClub in August! If your players deposit a total minimum sum of €3000 by August 10th, they are automatically registered for the race. The race is on from the 12th until the 17th of August – all they need to do is wager as much as possible to collect as many points as they can! The lucky winner will be rewarded with this gigantic cash prize, but places 2 to 5 also get a consolation prize of €500 each. Exclusively at CasinoClub!

Customized free spin packages

Let your players decide for themselves how many free spins they receive! On the 6th, 10th and 29th of August, they can deposit within four different ranges in order to receive their customized free spin package. At a deposit of €15 to €30 they get 25 free spins, at €31 to €50 they get 50 free spins, at €51 to €70 they get 70 free spins and at more than €71 they get 100 free spins! And don’t forget: at CasinoClub, free spin wins are paid out in cash.

Find the bonus code

Hidden away in a jumble of letters lies a bonus code…one that will fetch your players 50% up to €400 for three days in a row! But watch out, the code changes every day from the 13th through the 15th of August. Have your players come by on those dates and hunt for the treasure. Hint: each of the three words is connected to summer!